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Grease Removal

Commercial Kitchen Grease Removal
in Northamptonshire

Do you require grease removal in Grease Removal in Northamptonshire?

When it comes to grease we think everyone who has ever tried to clean it up will know how much of problem it can be, it can get everywhere and once it gets somewhere it attracts dirt and dust to that area as well.

Grease is very sticky and any particles floating around can land on it and by the time you come round to cleaning it, it can be a huge mess, especially in the areas you can’t see.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease traps are a vital part of any food processing plant or commercial kitchen. These traps help with grease management by capturing harmful greases, oils and fats. The trap prevents the waste grease from entering the drainage system and causing blockages and damage. Grease builds up quickly inside the trap, and this can make them ineffective. Once the grease builds up, it can produce unpleasant odours from your drainage system, and it can be difficult to dispose of the excess grease. 

Reynolds and Son offer a first-class grease trap cleaning service. Having your grease traps cleaned regularly will prevent blockages and build-up of grease in your drainage system. 


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What is
Grease Trap Cleaning?

The grease trap contributed to the overall hygiene of your commercial kitchen. Grease trap cleaning is the process of removing grease, oil, fat waste and other food particles from the trap. You can clean the trap yourself; however, it can be a dirty and messy job. Reynolds and son will clean your grease trap and also remove the risk of foul odours. British Water has recommended that your grease trap is cleaned once it is 25% full of solids.

Why should you have your
Grease Trap Cleaned?

If the grease trap is not cleaned regularly, the waste grease will mount up in the tank causing any additional food waste and FOG ( Fats, Oil and Grease) coming out of the dishwasher, kitchen sink and waste disposal unit and then flowing down the sewer system. Eventually, this build-up will cause severe blockages in the pipeline, inhibiting the flow of your kitchens wastewater. Regular cleaning and maintenance are beneficial for the cleanliness of your kitchen.

Grease Trap Emptying Services

Our team at Reynolds and Son appreciate the importance of grease removal and the effects a build-up of grease can have on your commercial kitchens. We can visit your business at a time to suit you. We are happy to provide our services out of hours for minimum disruption for you and your staff and your business. We also have an emergency call-out service. 

We understand how annoying grease build up can be and because of this we offer a grease cleaning service which is unbeatable.

We can cleaning your entire kitchen if you would like us to or we can focus on an area such as; the exactors, chimneys, fans, ducts, canopies, filters and splash backs. Our services will ensure these areas are grease free once we are finished with them.

We are already working with many commercial customers in your area including; pubs, cafes, clubs, restaurants, hotels, takeaways and more, we make sure that the problems grease can cause are eliminated for our customers kitchens.

Kitchen Grease Removal Specialists

A build-up of grease can cause a lot of problems, not only is a kitchen that’s covered in grease a pretty horrible environment to work in it is also very dangerous, if a fire breaks out in your kitchen and there is a grease build up that fire will spread and cause a lot of damage to your business. 

Getting that grease removed will not only save you time and money but also might just save your business as well. For more information about our grease removal services, contact us today.

Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG) Disposal

We are licenced to remove FOG in an environmentally and ethical way.

Get a free quote today for
our extraction cleaning services.

If you’re fed up with always having to clean your kitchen after everyone else in the office, then try our cleaning service as a one-off. Afterwards, you’ll never want us to leave. You’ll literally feel as though you could prepare, cook and eat your food off the floor once we’ve cleaned your commercial kitchen!

No company cleans quite like us, as our standards are of a substantial level, and we are highly recommended throughout Northamptonshire.