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Extraction Fan Cleaning
for Commercial Kitchens

If you work in a commercial kitchen, you will be aware of the problems of grease build up. This is why we have developed this Guide to Extraction Fan Cleaning for Commercial Kitchens. Frying food in large quantities is an essential part of your business, but it comes at a cost. Grease deposits often build up on kitchen walls, extractor fans and cooker hoods. This means that your business is at risk from hygiene issues and fire.

To avoid this, you will need to contract regular extraction fan cleaning and grease removal. Many restaurants and pubs attempt to clean their kitchens by themselves. They soon realise how difficult it is to meet the high standards of the regulations.

If you own a restaurant, fast food outlet, cafe, gastropub or any other type of commercial kitchen. You will require professional extractor fan cleaning. 

Extraction Fan Fire Safety Cleaning

Extraction Fan Fire Safety Cleaning is necessary for commercial kitchens. If the regular cleansing is not carried out, fats, oily deposits and particles could accumulate. This is especially a problem in kitchen extract systems. A build-up of grease or fat lowers airflow performance and produces a warm greasy atmosphere for microorganisms and roaches to breed.

Extraction Fan cleaning in the following businesses or any establishment using commercial kitchens:

  • Restaurants
  • Gastro Pubs
  • School Canteens
  • Hotdog Van
  • Delicatessen
  • Snack Bar
  • Fast Food Outlets
  • Hotels
  • Gastro Chefs
  • Hamburger Stand
  • Bistro
  • Deli
  • Cafes
  • Dining Rooms
  • Take Away Restaurant
  • Pizzeria
  • Diner
  • Sandwich Shop

These locations, if not properly preserved, could quickly end up being a fire threat. These can be a major cause of the spread of fire in food production facilities. Under particular conditions, fire or extremely high temperatures can spark the grease. This causes fire to spread out quickly through the air duct. 

As a result, it is of specific significance that grease extract systems are consistently inspected. They should be cleaned as called for, to guarantee they do not pose a significant fire risk.

If your extractor hood is blocked up with dirt and grease, they are not going to be able to get rid of heat. Cooking odours and most significantly Carbon Monoxide are not extracted as effectively.

Kitchen Fire Safety

Kitchen fire safety can be compromised if you do not address the grease accumulation. Failure to make regular cleansing of kitchen extractor systems can compromise insurance cover.

We know of several cases where insurance firms have refused to pay out on high-cost insurance claims following fires. This is where the insured has not followed the requirements of their buildings insurance plan. This includes routine cleansing of the oil extract systems.

Kitchen extract fire safety cleaning is a crucial aspect of health and safety for kitchen Managers. This is required for the security of the general public, employees, locals and properties. 

Commercial kitchen extract ductwork must be cleansed and kept to abide by high standards. In the case of a fire, failure to conform or to provide evidence of compliance with the guidelines could compromise insurance policy. This can expose the liable person to the possibility of prosecution under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

All Reynolds & Son professionals carry a supply of substitute lights, universal seals and a range of extraction filters. If you call for added or specialist spares, let your regional professional understand in advance. We can order the component for you, or recommend a respectable provider.

Cleaning Kitchen Grease Build up

The most effective way to stay clear of fire risk in your kitchen is with regular cleaning of kitchen grease build up.

Cleanliness likewise impacts staff mood and efficiency. So a deep clean also leads to a much healthier, happier and much more efficient day at work. Capitalise on this minimal downtime to transform your restaurant kitchen to peak condition.

  • Cooker hood

    The stove hood is a crucial item of kitchen area devices which gradually can harbour oil and germs. Heavy steam cleaning is one of the most reliable and sanitary method for cleansing the cooker hood. It will also need to be applied for regular upkeep. The wire mesh below will need cleansing with warm, soapy water. This method could also work for any extractor fans with a detachable mesh.

  • Degrease fryer and grill

    Your fryer and grill could end up being a fire hazard if excessive oil accumulates. Disconnect the home appliance and drain pipes the oil right into a bowl to prevent blocking your sink. Remove the baskets, filters, wall mounts and tank shelf to clean independently. After that, wipe out the interior surface with paper towels to make certain that the last remnants of oil are soaked up. Make use of a wet sponge and warm soapy water. To cleanse the inside of the fryer, take care not to get the appliance wet on the outside as this could cause damage.

  • Storerooms and storage

    Get rid of all things from the storeroom racks and check expiration days. It’s essential to inspect the build top quality of the racks for safety and to earn certain that the format is still reliable for your requirements. Inspect all containers for fractured lids, worn out containers and labelling. There are usually tough areas to reach in storerooms. Therefore a high degree cleansing tool is perfect for cleaning down racks and the tops of your systems.

  • Furniture

    Inspecting your restaurant furnishings for any signs of deterioration will lengthen its life. This will prevent you having to replace each item sooner. When inspecting that all bolts and screws are protected, watch out for shaky legs as these cause crashes. Consider any broken textile, dents and chips to decide if you need a brand-new set. To secure your furniture in the long term, retouch and smooth over any surface scrapes with paint or varnish. For your outside furniture, usage Teak Oil for ideal maintenance and to keep wood looking at its finest.

    You can be assured that Reynolds & Son use the highest standard in oven cleaning. Your appliances are in risk-free hands. All Reynolds & Son professionals have been fully trained in-the-field with established professionals.

Extraction Fan Cleaning

We offer extractor fan cleaning for any commercial kitchen in Northampton and the bordering areas. This includes cafes, gastro pubs or restaurants.

When embarking on a complete extraction system clean, both the exterior and interior of the canopy hood is degreased extensively. This is done with particular interest being paid behind the filters which are cleaned to arm’s length. This is usually where the most prominent oil build up materialises, as it is so close to the warmth source. It is imperative that it is cleaned. The filters are removed, placed in a robust cleansing solution, and afterwards, rinsed and changed.

Where there are accessibility panels within the ducting, the interior will be thoroughly degreased. This is done to arm’s length and past where feasible. If not, access panels will be set up at regular intervals. This improves airflow aiding to maintain a comfortable working temperature. This ensures that the interior of the ducting is cleaned up as systematically and thoroughly as possible.

Our technique of cleaning the electric extraction motor is to install access panels either side. This is done by the elimination of the extraction grille or using the extraction filter housing in the canopy.

The fan blades, electric motor and housing will be cleansed as far as accessibility permits. If access to panels has not been fitted before our arrival we will install these anywhere the system permits it. All work is embarked on in conformity to current standards. It will be certificated on completion, along with a comprehensive cleaning record.

Kitchen Canopy Cleaning

Kitchen canopy cleaning needs to be done right to ensure it meets the high safety standards. This includes standards of hygiene and fire safety.

Cleanliness and safety are the important components of every well-managed cooking area. At the heart of the matter is your cooking area essence system, the perfect hiding location for oil, grease and various other deposits.

Our professional duct cleaning company helps keep filters and canopy hoods clean. Failing to deal efficiently and thoroughly with this problem is simply accumulating problems. Your kitchen may become a fire risk waiting to happen.

Extraction system filters never eliminate all vapourised oil. This, along with particles, condenses into the canopy plenum,  fan and duct surfaces. This build up now only requires excess heat to activate an unwanted process. A trigger or flame is not required for spontaneous combustion to take place.

The oil in the air duct serves as a fuse, lugging fire through the air duct and the building. Fire, smoke and hot gases may break out at any infiltration, hole, joint or discharge factor. Fire can also occur following a collapse of ductwork caused by heat.

Temperature levels approximately 1200degC send heat through the metal. This can misshape, destroy or spark neighbouring materials. This includes duct support wall mounts, packing materials, electric systems and trash.

By doing this, a fire could spread out rapidly, adhering to the duct route. This may be difficult and dangerous for firefighters to gain access to.

Cleaning Kitchen Grease

Cleaning kitchen grease is one of the most unpleasant jobs for someone running a commercial kitchen. Whether you are a restaurant, gastropub or cafe, you will experience grease deposits building up in your kitchen.

We offer full duct cleaning company throughout Northamptonshire. These are based on the demands of the leading guidance released by the regulators. All guidance currently agree on the way to make sure ductwork is suitably clean. This is both at the stage of commissioning and throughout the service. This helps to maintain healthier and safer environments.

Cleaning experts make use of a range of extraction tools. This is in addition to specialised mechanical brushes, air jets and manual approaches. Industrial cleaners can get rid of all kinds of contamination. Where microbiological contamination is a recognised the problem will be sanitised where required.

We always undertake the cleaning at times convenient to you. There should be no added fees for weekends or evening work. Ask today for a quote. 

Ductwork Cleaning Regulations

Kitchen ductwork is difficult to obtain clean in commercial kitchens. For full safety, it is essential that you conform to the ductwork cleaning regulations.

Regardless of how efficient your cleaning regimens are, there will always remain a progressive buildup of oil. This is true whether you implement day-to-day, once a week or month-to-month cleansing.

Grease will specifically accumulate on much less available surfaces. This includes canopies, air ducts, light installations, flooring, walls behind devices and ceilings. 

Kitchen deep cleaning usually calls for the services of a professional cleaning service provider. Our kitchen area cleaning company must not be confused with heavy steam cleansing. It is proven that steam & water alone will not create a satisfying result.

Kitchen cleaning is viewed as “Due Diligence”, assisting in the direction of reducing risk. This has been since the introduction of the Food Safety Act 1990. The arrival of further enforcement of this act then followed. This includes:

  • Food Safety (General Food Hygiene Regulations) 1995 
  • Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006 

So stricter laws are continuously being imposed on the catering sector.

Commercial Grease Cleaner

If you have tried every commercial grease cleaner in your commercial kitchen, you will know that it takes hard work. We are here to make it easy for you to continue working in a kitchen that is free from grease.  We are here to help you remove the grease build up.

Kitchen extractor fan cleaning can be a very sticky, undesirable and difficult task. So avoid getting your hands dirty. Let Reynolds & Son take care of the hard work!

As extractor hoods are designed to re-circulate air.  It’s typical for them to gather oil and fat over time.  This eventually means that the filters and cover will require a deep clean which can be tough to do on your own.

Cleaning your extractor fan or cooker hood consistently is a requirement. To make the work less complicated and to guarantee that the fan functions as it should, you ought to take preventative procedures as well.

Encourage your employees to clean down the fan every single time they use the hob. Advise them to wait until all the surfaces are sparkling. The filter must likewise be tended to consistently, beyond the deep tidy laid out above. And remember – grease in the extractor fan is mostly accumulated with frying!

Our top quality specialist cleaning company will have your kitchen extractor fan brought back to its original condition in no time at all. We can even change the light bulbs in your extractor fans! 

We take pride in an extraordinary degree of cleaning. We utilise a distinct variety of services when cleaning your extractor fan and its parts. This ensures a remarkable outcome every time! So unwind and relax, our professionals will make your extractor fan sparkle once more.

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If you’re fed up with always having to clean your kitchen after everyone else in the office, then try our cleaning service as a one-off. Afterwards, you’ll never want us to leave. You’ll literally feel as though you could prepare, cook and eat your food off the floor once we’ve cleaned your commercial kitchen!

No company cleans quite like us, as our standards are of a substantial level, and we are highly recommended throughout Northamptonshire.