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Extractor Cleaning

Here at Reynolds & Son, we have over 15 years of experience providing our customers with a top-quality service unsurpassed anywhere. We are the friendliest and reliable father and son team around; we always go the extra mile to make our customers day. 

So please contact us today for a quote or to arrange any commercial kitchen cleaning services in Northamptonshire. With the day to day running of a busy commercial kitchen, the extractor located in your canopy can build up with grease and other grime. 

This build-up can cause a blockage which then becomes a hazard and a fire risk; getting your extractors cleaned regularly could save you time and money and, in the long run, maybe your business.

Our services mean we can ensure that your extractors and ducts are kept clean and working perfectly for you; this will free you up to concentrate on your business’s day-to-day running. 

We pride ourselves on our friendly and reliable services. A lot of our business comes from word of mouth. That can only mean we are providing our customers with an excellent service. This is exactly what we try and do for all our customers because they deserve it.

Kitchen Duct Cleaning in Northampton and Wellingborough

We are currently working with many establishments in your area, including pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes, takeaways and more, providing them with an excellent service unsurpassed in the area. For more information regarding our canopy extraction cleaning services or book an appointment, please contact us; our friendly customer service team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Commercial Kitchen Grease Cleaning Services

At Reynolds and Son, we offer a comprehensive commercial kitchen grease cleaning service in Northamptonshire. We specialise in commercial extractor fan cleaning; given that extraction systems are a prime location for a build-up of grease in the kitchen, it is necessary to ensure that this area undergoes regular cleaning. 

While posing a significant fire risk that you are required to manage under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 as well as the Health and Safety At Work Act, your extraction fan systems must be free from debris and allow clean air to circulate throughout your kitchen. 

Here are several grease cleaning services that we offer:

  • Kitchen Hood Cleaning

    Extractor fans located in kitchen hoods can become clogged with grease through regular use, becoming a fire risk. Therefore it is necessary to clean this area thoroughly and frequently. Our professional service can clean all elements of your kitchen hood, ensuring that your kitchen use runs smoothly. Regular cleaning of your kitchen hood can also help you stay within your insurance companies policy regulations, ensuring that your kitchen remains free of health and fire risks.

  • Duct Cleaning

    Cleaning of your ductwork is required less frequently than other extraction cleaning necessities. However, it is just as essential that your ducts get cleaned to avoid fire risks and provide fresh, clean air to your kitchen. Ensuring that your extraction fan ducts are clear of blockages when in use can mitigate the health risks you may otherwise pose to your employees.

  • Extractor Cleaning

    Extractor fan cleaning is also necessary to allow fresh air to circulate throughout your kitchen. Becoming clogged with grease, dirt, and other debris is common with commercial kitchen extractor fan cleaning. This cogging of your extractor system poses a severe fire risk, not to mention the respiratory infections that may occur through poor air circulation. Therefore, it is always best to have your extractor fans and the system wholly and regularly cleaned after frequent use so that they may extract adequately.

  • Canopy Cleaning

    The canopy above your cooking station also requires regular maintenance and cleaning. The grease, steam and carbon created by steamers, cookers, hobs and fryers are all collected in the canopy extractor fans. Over a significant amount of time, these deposits can build up to block the extractor fans, causing serious health and fire risks.

  • Kitchen Ventilation Cleaning

    The fire risk associated with a poorly maintained kitchen ventilation system is significant. Given that extractor fans and ventilation ducts commonly become saturated with grease and blockages, they can become a store of highly flammable material without frequent extraction cleaning. If a fire were to break out, it would be tricky to extinguish it, given the difficulty in reaching the extraction fan ducts. A fire in this location would also spread rapidly through the extraction system, and therefore the building. The price of regularly cleaning your kitchen ventilation system is then far more reasonable than the price of completely refurbishing a fire-destroyed kitchen.

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Reynolds & Son make your life easier so that you don’t have to worry. Our work times are arranged to suit your needs. We can be on site for early mornings, day works or over night cleans if required. Whether you are looking for extraction cleaning in a hotel, restaurant, pub, takeaway, catering facility or maybe a family run business then our service can be tailor-made to suit your every need.