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Canopy Filters

August 18, 2017

Grease Build up in Canopy Filters

We clean ventilation extraction systems. We supply expert duct cleaning services to your specific requirements.

You may have the most effective canopy filters for capturing grease particles. However, they will still need cleaning. It is inevitable that deposits of grease will begin accumulating within the kitchen extraction and canopy. If you do not embark on duct cleaning on a regular basis, in time the grease will come to be baked on and carbonised.

This is incredibly tough to remove. Thus it minimises the efficiency of the extraction system. This shortens the ducting and fan’s life and develops a serious fire hazard within the kitchen. Additionally, germs will develop in the fatty damp down payments. This is harmful to health and a source of food for roaches.

Our experts de-grease and de-carbonise the exterior and interior of covers. Removal of layers of carbon and solidified cooking oils. Special attention is provided to seams, rivets and anti drip gullies.  We get rid of and cleaning grille extraction fans, cleaning fan blades, electric motor housing and housing. We remove and deep clean the filters, filter real estate and trunk insides, to ensure health and fire risk safety standards.

If normal cleaning is not undertaken, fats, oily down payments and coarse bits can gather in kitchen extract systems. This decreases air flow efficiency. It generates a warm greasy setting for bacteria and cockroaches to reproduce.

These areas, when properly preserved, can rapidly end up being a fire threat. They can be a major cause of the spread of fire in food manufacturing establishments. 

Under certain scenarios flame or really heats could ignite the grease triggering fire to spread out quickly with the air duct. Therefore, it is of certain importance that grease remove systems are consistently checked and cleaned up as required. This is to guarantee they do not present a significant prospective fire threat at any time.

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